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I Would Totally Pee on You Friendship Keychain


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Because true friends are willing to go the extra mile, or in this case, the extra stream. This quirky keychain is not just a conversation starter; it’s a humorous declaration of your commitment to always having your friend’s back, especially in the face of a jellyfish attack.

Crafted with a touch of humor and a dash of camaraderie, our keychain proudly displays the lighthearted message: “If you were stung by a jellyfish, I would totally pee on you.” It’s a cheeky reminder that friendship knows no bounds, and sometimes, it takes unconventional solutions to navigate life’s unexpected challenges.

So, let this keychain be a whimsical symbol of your commitment to being there for your friends, even in the most unconventional situations. With the “Jellyfish Savior” Keychain, you’re not just carrying keys; you’re carrying a lighthearted reminder that true friendship is always ready to lend a helping hand – or stream!


Made of skin-friendly, lead-free & Nickle-free Zinc Alloy. Pendant measures approximately 1.5″ in Length.