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Pink Skull Flower And Crystals Hard Enamel Collectible Pin


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Adorned with glistening crystals and blooming flowers. This Hard Enamel Pink Skull Pin is a spellbinding fusion of fierce elegance and delicate beauty.

Each delicate bloom on the Pink Skull is a symbol of resilience and growth, a reminder that beauty can emerge even in the face of life’s challenges. Let the flowers on your pin be a representation of your inner strength, blooming with grace and determination.

Measures approximately: 1.21" wide and 0.74" tall

Gold Contoured Hard Enamel Pin with a polished flat and smooth finish.

Hard enamel pins, sometimes called epola pins, are the best high-quality enamel pins and have a durable and long-lasting appearance.

Pin Post with Rubber grip holds pin securely in place.