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Satan Loves Me Soft Enamel Pin


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Crafted with devilish charm and a touch of rebellion, our “Satan Loves Me” soft enamel pin is a bold statement of self-expression. Embrace your wicked side with this vibrant rainbow design that adds a pop of color to any outfit or accessory.

Whether you’re a mischief-maker or just appreciate a bit of devilish humor, this pin is a playful nod to the unconventional. The striking contrast between the cheerful rainbow and the daring message creates a unique symbol of embracing your individuality and celebrating the diverse spectrum of identities.

Measures 1" tall x 1.2" wide

Silver Contoured Pin with vibrant lacquered soft enamel.  The high-quality soft enamel gives the pin a distinctive textured finish.

Pin Post with Rubber grip holds pin securely in place.